AI Enabled Deep learning system to fight financial frauds

Quotientica Products

Complete Protection

Scoring each transaction patters by processing information through multiple sources.

Prediction Insights

Enriching real time insights and fraud patterns using machine learning algorithmic intelligence.

Agile Platform

AI and ML embedded platform provides scalability, customized models, and adapt for new type of frauds.

White-box interpretation

Enabling easy insights explanation to make faster decisions.


Single System for 360 degree coverage to unleash financial frauds.

High- end visualization; Graphical study of Patterns to draw insights.

White-Box AI ; Enabling clear and easy understanding of result derivatives.

Multiple use cases integration to a single Platform using APIs.

Agility; Processor offers customised models, and adapt organizations as they scale.

Quotientica deals with financial transactions fraud scoring using multiple channels and multiple data use cases for 360 degree protection. It offers the opportunity to grow business quickly, efficiently and continuously, using data that you already have.

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